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Master's Thesis - Polymers  Österreich : Graz


Polymer powders are used in a broad range of industries including in the fabrication of abrasives such as grindingtools, additive manufacturing, and textile finishing processes (to name a few).
Several methods are used to characterize powder properties – such as density, particle size, and particle size distribution – in order to evaluate their processability and behavior during storage. 
However, it is their thermo-physical properties that are decisive for their flowability, which further determines their processing behavior.


  • Conduct thermal analysis of different polymer powders with a specially designed powder-pocket measuring system for DMA
  • Perform flowability investigations with powder cells in fluidized and consolidated states
  • Establish a correlation between the conducted powder characterization methods


Offering a unique approach, the goal of this thesis is to compare and correlate the polymer powder’s thermo-physical and flow properties for the prediction of the powder’s processing behavior. The first part explores the possibilities and limitations of thermal analysis methods for polymer powders. A specially designed powder-pocket measuring system for DMA will be used for the powder’s thermo-mechanical characterization.These results will be compared to well-established thermal analysis methods such as conventional DMA and DSC. In order to predict the powder’s behavior during processing, the second part focuses on the correlation between the powder’s thermal behavior and the flowability of the polymer powder determined via powder rheological investigations. For this stage, the powder shear cell and the powder flow cell from Anton Paar will be used. For more on these instruments, check out our website:


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  • A great chance to work with Anton Paar GmbH during your master’s
  • Opportunity to collaborate with the Chair of Process Technology and Environmental Protection at the Montanuniversitaet Leoben
  • Possibility to work for Anton Paar GmbH in the future

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